The very first moment you choose to come closer to nature you enjoy the benefits of it.

Phi is a place that will inspire you to focus on a minimal living and lifestyle connected to nature. We believe simple things like nature can make a big difference, making our lives better. At Phi Simple Living Quarters we offer you opportunities to experience harmony, slow living lifestyle, relax your mind and body and enjoy the pure simplicity of nature during your holidays.

The estate belongs to the family for almost a century when 80 years ago my grandfather decided to establish a nursery garden, open to the public. The next generation has enjoyed the estate as an oasis, a center of refreshment during the hot summer months, while at the same time my father maintained an organic garden, that offered us through the years, some of the most delicious organic vegetables and fruits in complete harmony with the environment.

Through simple and everyday experiences, we realize the happiness, the calmness, the concentration that offers. Even the simplest thing like spending some time observing nature through a window inspires unique emotions. Our family’s most sweet memories emanate from the farmhouse’s abundant nature and a plethora of different fauna and flora. These memories are now shared with you, offering everyone the opportunity to experience this unique connection with nature.

Being surrounded by nature all these years, we learned to show respect, kindness, be truly present, and have awareness in our daily lives.


Nature does nothing in vain, just exists in a circle that never ends. Connection with the natural environment is very important at Phi Simple Living Quarters and represents the inner harmony you feel as soon as you let yourself free. The welcoming shades trees will show you how to slow down for a moment and appreciate the simple things in life. If you allow yourself, nature will help you to restore balance, restart and move on respectfully.


We conscious of simplicity, reverence for nature. Life is as simple as we allow it to be! In everyday busy life we often tend to ignore our emotions as well as the beautiful small and simple things that define who we are, while sometimes the only thing that we have to do is to slow down and concentrate on the moment. Phi Simple Living Quarters is all about focusing on what’s important, aware of where we are and what we’re doing. Join us!


There are not do’s and don’ts in our emotions. The only thing you need is to be yourself, be fully present at the moment with acceptance and concertation. Every different emotion plays a role in our lives and it is important to accept it as this means to live. Connection with nature helps us to make this restart. It brings us back to the basics and reminds us what is important for each one.


Phi’s best experience is to slow down and enjoy doing nothing! This kind of dormancy leads to great things! Still, we bet on a diversity of experiences that promote this mood without getting into a routine. From reading a book, listening the sound of trees, picking vegetables and fruits from our organic garden, taking yoga lessons to observe the clear sky at night and count the constellations. Do you see the Ursa Major? Or why not to take a walk on the estate observing the different species of plants and flowers?


“Love the Earth! This is culture”, my grandmother says; and culture is an important part of human life. It is what characterizes people's lives, the cultivation of societies, the interaction with local economies.

At Phi Simple Living Quarters we show respect to natural environment, local economy and we seek ways of a more sustainable travel experience. Most of the materials used in the house are environmentally friendly and many of furniture are renovated by hand.

We embrace sustainability, using natural water resources and supporting plastic free holidays through recycling and composting, while at the same time we plant a tree for every booking we receive! If you wish, we can give your name to it so let us know! Please feel free to share with us any further ideas for a more sustainable holiday experience.